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Frustrated NC back to communal, divisive politics: BJP

Bereft of any substantial issues, National Conference (NC) is back to its old game of divisive politics, commented Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of the Party. Recently, the Chief Spokesperson of NC in a statement has accused Bharatiya Janata Party of complete U-turn on J&K. The basis of accusation is non-inclusion of J&K centric peace initiatives in the political resolution passed in just concluded BJP National Executive Meeting. In order to remain relevant and for its political survival NC has developed a habit of baseless criticism and denationalization to hog limelight, stated Brig Gupta. The central government has been praised in the political resolution for the firmness with which it had achieved a “remarkable balancing act” by showing no mercy to terrorists and separatists while displaying a marked degree of sensitivity towards the common Kashmiri. National Executive also hailed the government for executing measures which will give impetus to the holistic development of the state, a key component of the Agenda of Alliance (AOA).
BJP has always maintained that for lasting peace in Kashmir, terrorism and separatism have to be totally eliminated, said Brig Gupta. The party is completely in sync with the Government’s approach and thinking of the Prime Minister and Home Minister. NC by issuing catchy statements and blaming BJP is not only trying to mislead the people but also trying to build an atmosphere of mistrust thus derailing the peace initiatives of the government, alleged the spokesperson. NC is advised to cooperate with the government rather than creating a wedge between the government and people so that the peace initiatives get fructified at the earliest.
As far as the dialogue is concerned, none other than the Prime Minister and Home Minister of the country have given a call for talks. It is now up to those who are willing to hold unconditional talks to come forward. The doors of the government are open for all those who are willing to talk within the ambit of the Constitution of India, asserted Brig Gupta.
The frustration of NC is evident from the fact that it is a divided house and its leadership speaks in different voices dividing the people of the state on communal and regional basis. While the Jammu leaders exploit local sentiments in the name of Dogra rulers, Dogra identity and Duggar Pradesh, the Kashmir based leaders to please their constituency issue statements like, “When Sher-e-Kashmir was against the Dogra rule how can our ranks be in favour of the Maharaja, the logic is simple. We won’t mind parting ways with any leader from our party who wants to be a Dogra fan.” NC needs to set own house in order first. The Party has been thoroughly exposed for its communal and divisive politics.
The people of Jammu & Kashmir are fed up with the kind of political perfidy displayed by NC and are no longer willing to be misled by the rhetoric of their leadership, warned Brig Gupta. BJP stands by all assurances given to the people of the state and is working towards establishing lasting peace assured the spokesperson.