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BJP protests against Farooq, burn effigy

BJP Jammu West District activists under the leadership of District President Ayodhya Gupta, held a strong protest and also burnt the effigy of National Conference Patron & Ex-CM Dr. Farooq Abdullah’s the statement in relation with POJK at Kachi Chawni Chowk.

Ayodhya Gupta, while addressing the party activists said “probably Farooq Abdullah is deliberately raking up the settled issue in order to remain in news for his political survival”.

 He said that the then Maharaja, while signing the Instrument of Accession, had acceded the whole of Jammu and Kashmir under his control as part of Indian Union.

Ayodhya said that father of Farooq Abdullah, Late Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah, had endorsed the accession of J&K state with India and Farooq Abdullah is even going against his own father.

Ayodhya Gupta said that if they have that much love for Pakistan, they should leave India, settle in Pakistan and contest elections there and run their political shops.

Farooq Abdullah by his uncalled for statement has acted against the settled  issue which reflect as to how much committed he is for the interest of the nation, which is highly condemnable.

Gupta asked Farooq Abdullah to “seek an apology from the nation for this blunder and set the things right. “It looks that the leaders of National Conference have been so much demoralized and frustrated that they have lost their wit and giving such like irresponsible statements”, he said.

He asked the NC leaders to desist from giving such statements otherwise they shall further lose the trust of the people and put them as villain in the eyes of people of India.

 Prominent among those who took part in the protest included ND Rajwal, Sanjeev Sharma (District General Secretary) Balwan Singh, Vinodh Gupta, Surinder Chowdhary, Satpal Karlupia, Dr. Pardeep, Dr. Dineshwar, Dr. Akshay, Puneet Mahajan, Rajesh Gupta, Mohan Singh Slathia, Duggal, Satish Kumar Vinod Wazir, Kulbhushan Vohra, Veena Gupta, Sangeeta Dogra, Vijay Sharma Mandal President, Rinku Chouhan, Atul Bakshi, Sanjay Sawhney, Kamini Gupta, Asha Sharma, Munish Raja, Balbir Singh, Balbir Gupta, Raveesh Mengi, Asha Gupta, Jai Singh, Sahil Gupta, Subhash Sharma, Ashok Khar, Onkar Singh Boss, Parshotam Dogra, Radhey Sham, Ravi Sharma Jyoti Sharma