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Government to Focus More on Neglected and Far Off Areas of the State: Vibodh

Anti national’s Have Snatched Bread and Butter of Thousands : Vibodh

BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta  visited the remote border village Chani Prat and took stock of the various issues of the area and on the spot assessment of problems of the area. Upon his arrival the local villagers of the area accorded a warm welcome to the MLC and informed that their area is the most neglected area of the state. Some locals raised the issue that Chani Prat which used to a administrative centre of the area before independence and now the same area is even out of the tourism map of the state. The locals regretted that even the historic temple which is one of the most important religious place has never got any attention from the Government. They demanded that a high level team from archaeological survey of India must visit this area and revive the historic monuments in the area which can act as a huge attraction for the tourists.

While addressing the gathering MLC Vibodh Gupta shared the concern of the locals and once again retariated the fact that present Government is putting more focus on the neglected and far off areas. He said that until and unless the last man standing in the que and the last village of the state is properly developed the Government will continue to work in a missionary mode to achieve this. While referring to the importance of peace for development he said that peace loving people of the state have suffered a lot due to the antinational activities of organizations like Huriyat. He further added that present unemployment problem in Kashmir is only because of these antinational elements. These people have snatched the bread and butter of many and has crumbled the tourism industry of Kashmir. Presently Kashmir is most sought after destination for tourists but because of regular shutdown calls by Huriyat leaders, hardly any tourist prefers to visit Kashmir. As a result of this poor people are starving and leaders of Huriyat are making money by regularly killing the innocent Kashmiris. Government’s tough stand against these leaders of Huriyat is a example of the Government’s commitment towards restoring peace and normalcy in kashmir and to revive the billion dollar tourism industry. On this occasion MLC Vibodh assured the locals that he will soon raise the issues of Chani Prat with all the concerned Government departments for their early resolution. Prominent among other who accompanied MLC during this visit included Bagwati Sharma, Rakesh Gupta, Kali Sharma, Pardeep Sharma, Vishu Kumar, Anikat Singh, Roshan Lal, Shonki Kumar and Shakeel Ahmed.