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Govt. should adopt pro-active policy to curb militancy: Prof. Virender

BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta strongly condemned the deadly attack on CRPF and massacre of 8 CRPF personnel by the militants and asked the Govt. of India and the state government to adopt decisive and pro-active policy and formulate the action plan to flush out and eliminate all the terrorists, instead of adopting a soft approach towards the them. He said that enough is enough and a time has come when our forces should be asked to attack and destroy the militant training camps across the border. He also paid his tributes to the martyrs and expressed his deep condolences to the members of the bereaved families and appealed to the centre as well as the state governments to provide substantial ad sustainable help to the families as was done to the martyrs of Kargil War.
Prof. Virender Gupta also expressed his great concern on training of the educated youth in the militant activities and increase in the local over ground supporters of militancy, who are providing all type of assistance to the militants and separatists. There is a general perception that Kashmiri youth is being groomed and motivated to join the militancy by some of the school, college and university teachers and by some religious preachers. Therefore, it is essential for the state government and the Central government security agencies to identify such elements and take them to task.
Prof. Virender said that it is also a time when the separatist leaders be shown their way and the security provided to them be withdrawn. There is no justification in providing security to such persons, who dance on the tune of outside agencies and work to destroy the country. Providing security to these unscrupulous elements is a burden on the national exchequre and against the interests of the nation. He called upon the Govt. of India to relook its policy towards Pakistan and China. Govt. of India should put forward its claim on the areas of Jammu and Kashmir under the occupation of Pakistan and provide support to the cause of POJK residents, including those of Gilgit and Baltistan in their struggle against Pakistani Government.