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Govt should revise its policy towards separatists: Prof. Virender

BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta expressed his great anguish on the repeated incidence of protests, violence, hoisting of Pakistan and ISIS flags and stone throwing on police and security persons and added that this all happens on the instigation of the separatists who have been provided state security and special privileges allowing them to vomit anti-India and pro-Pakistan propaganda. In particular. Prof. Virender quoted the recent instance where Yasin Malik along with supporters slapped the policemen discharging their duties.
Prof. Virender asked to withdraw the security given to the separatists and put them behind bars under Public Safety Act for indulging anti-social activities and for disturbing peace, tried under 151 RPC for spreading hatred among the various communities, and under sedition act for their treacherous and anti-India activities.
Prof. Virender said that the soft policy towards separatists is on one hand is encouraging anti-India forces and anti-social elements and on the other hand demoralizing the common masses of J&K state and security forces who are fighting to curb the militancy and are sacrificing their lives. These leaders are continuously disturbing the peace in the Valley putting valley ransom, thereby affecting the business and the tourist industry of the valley adversely.
He cautioned the government that if strong actions are not taken against the so called leaders of terrorists and the separatists, the situation in the valley shall worsen to the extent that it would become difficult to tackle. He also asked the government to take concrete steps in the direction so that the youth of the valley are not lured by the separatists and terrorist groups.