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Govt to curb terrorist activities forcefully: Prof. Virender

BJP State Spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta expressed his serious concern on the anti- India demonstrations being held in the Valley on every Friday in which some of the protestors carry IIS and Pakistani flags while raising pro-Pak, pro-IIIS and that of Azadi slogans and pelting stones on the security forces. He also showed his anguish on the situation prevailing at the sites of encounters between security forces and terrorists where the local people create hindrances for the forces by pelting stones on the forces and helping the terrorists in their escape from their hideouts. The spokesperson said that situation in the Valley is turning grim day by day; the number of local youth turning to terrorist activities is increasing and added that the youth of Valley are being motivated and inspired in the name of Islam and Jehad, enthused with anti-national and pro- Azadi feelings.
The spokesperson said that the state government, Government of India and the heads of the security forces need to assess the situation and make a co-ordinated strategy to overcome the present situation. Prof. Virender said that by allowing the demonstrations with IIS and Pakistani flags is sending wrong signals with the valley and elsewhere in the country and world. He cautioned that by adopting soft policy towards the terrorists, their sleeper cells and towards those carrying IIS and Pakistan flags provides encouragement to more youth in getting engaged in such anti- India activities. He asked the concerned authorities that those carrying flags should be identified be arrested and booked under sedition charge.
Prof. Virender also said that Government of India should learn lesson from the previous experiences that by adopting soft policy towards terrorism and merely providing extra grants for the development you cannot silence the voice of the separatists.