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How J&K Indian is different from others in country: Arun

The very fact all Indians have same constitutional rights and deep rooted desire to grow and expand in their own country, BJP state unit wonders on the explanations of many opportunistic political parties, the difference JK based Indian has over others settled in rest of India. It is highly unfortunate that the opportunistic leaders are preaching people to be different from other citizens while living in the same country, said Arun Kumar Gupta state Spokesperson BJP in a statement here.

The Constitution has given fundamental right to the JK citizens, allowing to settle anywhere in country, engage in any business or profession and pursue any field of education in best to best institutions and if this is available and valid for us then why it should not be for others who may like to come and help in growth of state, said Arun. Nobody is willing to come & serve or do trade/Business in any state if it does not have conducive environment & Business opportunities.

Living in isolation for so many years and not allowing any talent to come and settle in JK has done gross Injustice to very existence of one nation one law concept of any democracy. On the contrary the people of JK if not allowed to buy property outside JK and not allowed to settle in various states the amount of unemployment would have created by now is an issue of deep imagination. The previous Government by design has not done any progress towards growth and creating infrastructure for anybody to come & think of settling here & not empowering them to take their own decision.

Arun Gupta further said that JK is slowly getting into the domain of old age home scenario where whole lot of young are migrating out for want of jobs and better opportunity. Jammu and Kashmir in all these years has not been able to develop any niche, which could have given edge over other state and a solid reason for the youth to get retained in their own state, thus contributing in the growth and development of state.

The very contention that the jobs of JK would be taken over by others and trade would also get divided by others is nothing but a claim which does not gets sustained by the fact that government jobs are only one to two percent, which for sure cannot absorb the youth of our state and the opportunity has to be explored in private and cooperate sector for their dignified settlement and by not allowing any one from outside to come and settle here only support old age home concept, says Arun.

The leadership which is promoting Dogra and Dogriyat has to stop giving outdated sermons of which area in JK is getting more benefitted by 35A provisions. JK needs growth and it certainly cannot get promoted by living in cocooned environment. The youth of JK has to learn to compete with the rest and shine by comparison rather than take assistance of something which is not sustainable..

The empowerment of JK youth is of Paramount importance and will only happen if they are taught to compete and grow with their other same age same qualified Brothers and sisters, in the Country.

It is high time that opportunistic political parties stop misleading people on the name of isolation which allows incompetence to flourish and our real talent gets crucified in brain drain both in terms of youth and Business opportunity, said Arun Kumar Gupta.