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Importance of Plantation given through “Harit-Yagya Yatra” at R.S Pura

Mahamandleshwar Parampoojniya Shri 1008 Shri Avdhoot Baba Arun Giri Ji Maharaj received a warm welcome at R.S Pura along with Mahamandaleshwar Sadhvi Shivangi Nandgiriji and Mahant of Purani Mandi Temple Jammu Rameshwar Dass ji Maharaj by M.L.A R.S Pura Dr.Gagan Bhagat at the Shaheed Daljeet Singh Chowk R.S Pura.As a mark of respect and devotion rain of Flowers ,aarti and chunni was presented to them before a march was taken out in the whole bazaar, they addressed a huge gathering at Hanuman chowk R.S Pura along with M.L.A R.S Pura.The prominent persons along with the visiting persons the locals also performed “Yagya” and aahuti was given on a mobile van which was there specially for purification of environment. Mahamandleshwar Parampoojniya Shri 1008 Shri Avdhoot Baba Arun Giri Ji Maharaj has started ‘Avdhoot Yagya Harit Pad Yatra’ from Vaishno Devi to Kanyakumari from 15th August, 2016, and during this 4500 kilometers long journey trees will be planted enroute this was stated by Mahamandleshwar Arun Giri ji Maharaj and is being exclusively conducted to rejuvenate and purify environment by planting over five crore plants in the country,” he added.“Actually in last 30-35 years on one hand India has gained a lot, developed a lot but on other hand we have spoiled our natural resources like anything and possibly that is why so many natural disasters are taking place,” said Mahamandaleshwar Sadhvi Shivangi Nandgiriji ,keeping this in mind this Yatra is being taken out by Arun Giri Ji.At the holy town of Katra, Mahamandaleshwar Avdhoot Baba Arun Giri Ji Maharaj in association of green walks avadhuta sacrifice invitation magazine was inaugurated, there he visited the holy cave and said that with the blessings of Mata Vaishno Devi this Yatra which is to be taken out for the welfare of this country and mankind be successful. Later plantation drive was held at the Cremation ground R.S Pura and at the International border of India and Pakistan, where hundreds of trees were planted by the workers of the Bharatiya Janta party, people from the civil society, B.S.F Jawans and even the tourists who were there to visit the Indo-Pak Border also shown their keen interest by planting trees for a noble and a much needed cause. A program was also organised where the C.O of B.S.F along with other officers felicitated Mahamandleshwar Shri 1008 Shri Avdhoot Baba Arun Giri Ji Maharaj, Mahamandaleshwar Sadhvi Shivangi Nandgiriji Mahant Rameshwar Dass ji Maharaj and M.L.A R.S Pura Dr.Gagan Bhagat.While thanking them Dr.Gagan Bhagat on the behalf of people from R.S Pura said that it is an honour that such great people have visited R.S Pura which is a very sacred land from which several people have sacrificied their life for the country and the farmers have given their sweat and blood to this land which is also popular for Basmati all around the world, and after their visit certainly the message of plantation and its importance for the welfare and survival of mankind cannot be underestimated, he also appealed to the people present there to plant as much trees especially in R.S Pura as a mark of respect towards them who had spared their precious time for a place like R.S Pura. On the occasion BJP Mahila Morcha State Secretary Monika Sharma , along with hundreds of female workers, Natharam, Devendra Sharma,Gurdeep Saini,Vikram Sharma, Vishal Gupta,Manmohan Choudhary,Bodhraj and others were present .