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Issue-less Congress is left with single point agenda: BJP

A press note issued by Bharatiya Janata Party has blamed Congress for all the problems of Jammu region and stated that the state unit of the party has no issues to be highlighted and its leaders follow a single-point agenda of criticising Bharatiya Janata Party. Every opposition party has the right to criticise the ruling party but the criticism should be realistic, constructive, useful and based on facts rather than just criticising for the sake of it according to Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of the Party. “Even after three years, Congress has failed to digest the humiliating defeat it suffered and the way it was rejected by the people of Jammu region. The party instead of raising major issues of public importance has chosen to maintain stony silence on them and instead keep blaming the electorate for voting for BJP and giving it a huge mandate. The people are not easily going to forgive Congress and its leaders for they hold the party responsible for all the woes being faced by the people of the region,” stated Brig Gupta.

Listing the misdeeds of Congress Brig Gupta said that the reality is that these leaders are faced with a dilemma of with which face to confront the people since they were the architects of all their problems. It was Nehru and the subsequent Congress governments at the Centre and State which are responsible for the so called “Kashmir Problem.” Despite having ruled the state and nation for almost four decades or more, the party failed to address the genuine grievances of the West Pakistan Refugees. No serious effort was made by the Party for resettlement of displaced Kashmiri Hindus and other minorities. The POJK and Chhamb refugees were merely exploited as a vote bank but failed to provide them any relief. The long standing demand of the Paharis fell on the deaf ears of Congress leadership. Congress is also responsible for injustice done to the region in respect of creation of new districts. Congress under the leadership of Ghulam Nabi Azad allotted four districts to Kashmir ignoring the advice of Wazir Commission, which was setup after relentless pressure by BJP. Congress has always ignored the interests of the Jammu region including the plight of border and LOC residents. During its regime it did nothing except giving them false hopes and unfulfilled promises. It never thought of creating jobs or establishing institutes of higher learning like IIT, IIM, IIMC, AIIMS and additional Medical and Engineering Colleges which would not only generate employment but enable the youth of the region to acquire degrees from institutes of national repute. Majority of the ministers in the Omar Government had tainted records including involvement in financial irregularities, misappropriation/ diversion of government funds and scams of huge proportion. The Roshini Act scam that caused huge loss to the state exchequer and benefitted a few influential families and bureaucrats was also the gift of Congress. Its leaders and elected representatives are responsible for promoting illegal settlement of Rohangiyas and Bangladeshis in the region.

BJP is thankful to the people of Jammu for the huge mandate and is committed to fulfil all its promises. He also stressed that the Party is holding a huge rally at Dusshera Ground, Gandhinagar, Jammu on 11th March, Sunday in which it will present to the people its report card of three years. The last three years have witnessed unprecedented holistic development. The party invites the people to attend the rally in huge numbers to get first- hand account of its achievements.