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It’s time for petals throwers and not stone pelters in Kashmir: Sethi

In tourist season the state will be looking for flowers in the hands of youth instead of stones for the better future and economy of the state. This was stated by State Bharatiya Janata Party in a press release.
BJP State Chief Spokesperson Sunil Sethi said that hands which will be writing destiny of State would be holding lotus in their hands and not guns and stones . Present dispensation at New Delhi has made it very clear that there can be no meaningful dialogue under threat or intimidation. For talks to be held it is responsibility of public of Kashmir to shun violence of all kinds and come on table to discuss all problems within Constitution of India.
While rest of Country has moved ahead it is unfortunate that Kashmir is still living in Stone Age, courtesy some vested elements who want Kashmir to remain on fire to run their political shops. On the eve of elections these disruptive forces have again started raising their heads to scuttle democratic process for pity political gains.
Sunil Sethi called upon common masses in Kashmir to realize the game plan of vested elements and not allow themselves to be misled or fooled by these so called leaders. He called upon public of State particularly of Kashmir Valley to defeat the game plans of enemies of Nation and humanity. He further requested public to participate in coming elections in large number without fear to allow democracy to survive and strive .