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It’s time to act now against the Hurriyat: Brig Gupta

Welcoming the decision of the United States to declare, Syed Mohammed Yusuf Shah alias Syed Salahuddin, head of the ISI backed United Jihad Council (UJC) and Hizbul Mujahideen (HM) chief a “global terrorist”, Brigadier Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has said that United States has punctured the “Azadi” narrative in the Kashmir Valley and endorsed the fact that Kashmir is also a victim of radical Islamic terrorism. The cat was let out of the bag by Zakir Musa, a HM rebel, when he threatened to ‘teach a lesson’ to all those Kashmiri leaders who misled the public in the name of “Azadi” and exhorted the Kashmiris to work for establishment of a Caliphate. For tactical reasons, to avoid international wrath, Syed Salahuddin expelled him from the HM but at the same time continued to enjoy camaraderie and bonhomie with global jihadi terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed, Masood Azhar and Makki whose terrorist outfits were operating in Kashmir along with HM with avowed aim of establishing an Islamic Caliphate and launching Gazwa-e-Hind with Kashmir being the launch pad, explained Brig Gupta in a statement released to the press. By declaring Salahuddin as a global terrorist, US has exposed his dual face and called his bluff and at the same time once again shamed Pakistan as the fountainhead of global radical Islamic Terrorism which the two world leaders have promised to destroy.

Brig Gupta lamented that while US has declared Syed Salahuddin as global terrorist and announced sanctions against him, the Pakistani hired agents and mouthpieces continue to roam freely in the Valley to further Pakistani agenda to spread unrest and terror. Of late, they through their stooges and henchmen have let loose a rein of barbaric terrorism in the Valley of which any civilized society would be ashamed. It is high time that these separatist and soft-separatist leaders should also be designated as “terrorists” and put in the jail demanded the spokesperson. Their continued spitting of venom against the security forces, misuse of religious places for radical propaganda, creating communal hatred and involvement in terror funding through hawala transactions is threat not only to national security but the lives of patriotic, nationalist Kashmiris said Brig Gupta.

Huge and illegal properties built by these leaders should be confiscated, those enjoying government pension need to be stripped of the same and children of these leaders in government jobs need to be dismissed immediately demanded Brig Gupta. Those who have waged a war against the nation at the behest of our enemy country deserve no mercy, they need to be moved to jails outside the state in faraway places, specially designated fast trial courts need to be established for their speedy trial on charges of promoting terror, abetting murders and sedition demanded Brig Gupta. US has acted on the global front but we need to act at home for a synergised war against Radical Islamic Terror. As part of the same strategy, a simultaneous push for an early and honourable return of the exiled Kashmiri Pandit community, a victim of Islamic terror, is needed according to the BJP spokesperson.