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Ramesh Arora addressed press conference at BJP Headquarters

While addressing press conference at HQ BJP Ramesh Arora MLC, said that We stand by our stand that life should move towards development in Jammu and Kashmir and, violence is to be buried. Problems and issues of people are not only of our concern but is our commitment to resolve the same.

Recently I have received many complaints that people of Jammu are facing harassment in getting voter list and record for the period of 1951 and 1957 and prior to that from concerned. My visit to the office controlled by Chief Election Commission of India through Chief Electoral Office at J&K was an eye opener.

Record are unsafe and not kept in fire proof Almiras, pages were missing, torned does not contain full information .People applying for copies of relevant voter record and other relevant records for preparing state subject is not given and hence resulting in unnecessary harassment to the general public in getting state subjects

I have made written representation with chief electoral officer of J&K and demanded followings:

1 More manpower is required for maintenance of record.

2 Reconstruction of record by secondary evidence where record is missing .

3 Computerization of all available records and reconstruction of missing records

4 A list of secondary evidence be admitted as an alternative to voter list record of 1951, 1957 and so on where it is missing.

5 Time frame be fixed for providing copies to the public .

Matter will also be taken with the Government to relax the rules for admission of secondary documents where record is unavailable.

A Separate letter is written to Chief Election Commission of India same is attached. I Hope election office will take matter on priority for solution. Senior officer should inspect the record personally to ascertain the damage.

Some students require immediate state subject for admission and require for other purposes. We cannot deny the public in getting state subject prepared as public is already taking great hardships.

I hope immediately the matter will be sorted out as we are for the public and their problems and issues are of our serious concern and delay will put them in miserable condition.

Our appeal to Chief Electoral Officer will be taken seriously and Chief Election Commission of India will pass appropriate orders in this regard.