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Jammu and Kashmir State Bharatiya Janata Party has congratulated voters of Anantnag assembly constituency

Jammu and Kashmir State Bharatiya Janata Party has congratulated voters of Anantnag assembly constituency on the landslide electoral victory of Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti in bye elections which has reasserted the faith of people of Kashmir in electoral process and constitution of Jammu and Kashmir .
Chief Spokesperson JK BJP Sunil Sethi while extends thanks to the voters of Anantnag constituency for ensuring victory of Chief Minister by huge margin, also noted that voters have rejected all efforts of separatists to dissuade people from exercising their right of vote and voters have also shown rightful place to the leaders and political parties who are engaged in the campaign of creating rift between people of different regions within state .
Sunil Sethi further said that this was first test of alliance between BJP and PDP after formation of coalition government and the people have voted for alliance and approval of alliance by masses is very clear and sound . He recalled that similar approval of alliance was reflected by voters of Leh Ladhakh in autonomous Hill council elections despite negative campaigning by opposition .
He asserted that people are fed up with divisive politics of Congress and National Conference and has accepted with love and grace the reality that people of both regions have to live and progress together . Politics of fear and misinformation campaign by opposition has failed to the will of the masses . The people have rejected the ill efforts of tweeter king of National Conference who had been trying to incite passion of voters by trying build negative campaign by trying to use name of nationalistic organisation like RSS but voters could see through his trick and have shown place to its candidates .
The efforts of Congress to divide the peace loving voters of Anantnag constituency for pity political gains has also failed to give any electoral benefit to dying Congress in the state . He further said that the same results will come in the coming elections of local bodies and Panchayats as people are with the alliance govt and are approving the good works done by govt on the ground for equitable development of all regions and for providing Corruption Free government to the state .