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Jammu based opposition leaders’ silence amounts to consent: BJP

“Despite repeated queries made to Jammu based opposition leaders to clarify their stand on the acts/statements of their Valley based bosses and colleagues which are anti-national and detrimental to the interests of the people of Jammu region, they have chosen to remain silent. It is now amply clear that by remaining silent they have fully endorsed the acts of their valley-centric bosses and ditched the people of Jammu who had pinned their hopes in them by giving them their mandate. It is also amply evident that they have no loyalty towards their own people but have surrendered themselves before their bosses who are least bothered about Jammu and its people”, stated Brig Anil Gupta, state spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party. The people of Jammu must know that these leaders are demanding greater autonomy and pre-1953 status for the State which implies that the state will be without a Constitution since the constitution came into effect on 26 January 1957; the state would return to permit-raj for entry into the state as it was abolished only in 1954; Supreme Court of India will have no jurisdiction and people of the state will be denied all the benefits enjoyed by them as Indian citizens. Will their demand benefit the people of Jammu in any way, questioned Brig Gupta.
Elaborating the recent acts of these leaders Brig Gupta said that their opposition to NEET smacks of a conspiracy against the students of Jammu region who have so far been victims of favouritism and partiality by the BOPEE. While the students of Jammu region were heaving a sigh of relief some of their selfish leaders were conspiring with their valley –based leaders who termed it as an “assault on the special status of the state”, just to please the separatists. Similarly, the opposition to the Sainik Colonies and Kashmiri Pandit settlements while singing the same tune as that of the separatists, the Valley based leaders of all parties exposed their secular credentials but their Jammu based legislators and leaders chose to remain silent thus signalling their tacit approval. Their stoic silence on the Amendments to Transfer of Property and Alienation of Land Acts that would adversely affect the rights of Jammu women married outside the state and deprive Jammu region of outside investment has proved beyond doubt that their surrender to their Kashmiri bosses is final and ultimate.
The opposition leaders are thoroughly exposed before the people as they have been merely making statements and shedding crocodile tears to mislead the innocent people of Jammu region. BJP appeals to the people of Jammu region to decide themselves as to who is their real well-wisher?