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BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta met various deputations from different parts of Rajouri and listened their grievances and day to day problems being faced by them. A deputation from Shahpur Doongi met with the MLC and raised the demand for the establishment of Primary Health Centre at Doongi, as there is no specialized Health facility except PHC kaller Chatyar and PHC Bagla, from Rajouri-Poonch Highway to LOC, which is around 40 Kms from main Highway. The members of the deputation apprised Mr. Gupta that only Sub-centres cannot cater the need of the people. There must be MBBS doctors especially in the far flung area to provide Health care facilities to the public. Gupta assured them that he will take up the matter with the health Minister and shall also project the same in the review meeting in respect of District development Board.
Other deputation from Muradpur area approached the MLC and apprised him regarding sanctioning of Water Supply scheme. Gupta told them, he has projected the scheme for its consideration/funding under NABARD and shortly problem shall be resolved and people shall get adequate supply of water.
Other deputations form Ghambir Brhamana, Thanamandi and Gambir Muglan also met MLC and raised the issues related to completion of PMGSY roads in their areas. They said that work on PMGSY roads are held up for so long. Moreover in many cases the compensation promised by the authorities to the locals has not been given causing inconvenience to the public. People of Thanamandi also demanded the completion of Rajouri-Bafliaz road, as people suffer a lot due to bad and dilapidated road condition.
MLC Vibodh Gupta patiently listened to these deputations and informed each of the deputation that he will raise these issues with the concerned authorities on priority. He said that the issue of completion of PMGSY roads, shall be addressed within month time. Under the able leadership of Narender Bhai Modi, around 59 Nos of PMGSY roads have been considered under Phase-Xth. Funds. Funds to the tune of Rs. 2000 Lacs in respect of Budhal Division and Rs. 1200 lacs in respect of Rajouri Division have been made available for Rajouri District. Moreover 11 nos of bridges shall also be constructed under Phase-Xth. He further added State and Central Govt. is taking special interest in all the developmental projects in J&K and appealed to the common masses for their support in proper implementation of various developmental projects. Mr Gupta said that the Government officers are here to serve the people and no genuine person should be made to suffer by adopting delaying tactics by officers and officials. He said the Modi led Government at Centre and PDP-BJP coalition in the State is committed to weed out corruption, nepotism and misrule form public life, work for betterment and upliftment of common masses and launching of new currency is appreciable step taken by the Prime Minister of India and people should should bear it for few days, which in long term is in favour of Poor people.
Latter these people thanked MLC  for keenly listening to their genuine problems and hoped that through his intervention these problems will find their early resolution by the concerned authorities.