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Jammu east MLA Rajesh Gupta raised the issue of custodian property holders

While speaking in the house on grants of revenue department Rajesh Gupta asked the house to support the cause of the Evacuee Property Tenants.
Rajesh Gupta while speaking in the assembly said that the evacuee property holders are living in horrible conditions for the last 68 years. He further said that if these properties are maintained in habitable condition it is only due to the contribution of these people whose fourth generation is now living in these properties.
Rajesh Gupta while speaking in the assembly said that even our heritage buildings have turned into ruins as there is no one to take care of these buildings but the custodian properties are in good condition due to these tenants.
Rajesh Gupta said that the tenants of custodian department have to approach the concerned offices for seeking permission to undertake repair and maintenance and they get very poor response.
MLA thanked ex-minister Javed Mustafa Mir for ordering that any tenant who gives rupee 1 as rent the liable to provide him maintenance.
He also said that those of the tenants who construct two rooms, kitchen and bathroom from their own pocket the Deptt. charges them a premium of 15% which is a wrong practice.
Rajesh Gupta demanded that ownership rights be given to evacuee property tenants or as an alternative give them a lease of 40 years as these people have suffered all along due to an uncertain future.