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Jammu leaders of NC must clear stand on Farooq’s statements:BJP

The Jammu and Kashmir BJP demands that the leaders of National Conference hailing from Jammu should clear their stand on what NC President Farooq Abdullah has said the other day which invited widespread anger and resentment not only in the state but across the country.

In an official handout, BJP State General Secretary Dr. Narinder Singh said that the NC President has crossed all the limits of a resonsible politician and indulged in making such statements which are well planned and aimed at provoking the people of Kashmir. His utterances are the attempts to regain the lost faith and ground in Kashmir and the Jammu based leaders should come clean on what has been said by Farooq Abdullah. One can not understand as to why the NC’s vocal leader like Davinder Rana stitches their lips when Farooq Abdullah targets the Dogra rulers ?

Dr. Narinder Singh said that on the one hand Farooq Abdullah has unleashed a provocative and anti-national campain by defending the gun carrying youth saying that they are fighting for azaadi, on the other, leaders from Jammu are trying to divert the attention of the people from the anti national statements of Farooq abdullah by raising the issue of region and religion, which is highly condemnable. He reminded the NC leader that except a handful of Pakistan supported people in valley, the entire population of all the three regions want peace, they do not fight on the name of religion and want brotherhood and development. The people are living in harmony but NC leaders are making attempts to divide them on the basis of region and religion and create hatred for own political survival.

Dr. Narinder Singh said that the statements of Farooq Abdullah reflects the politics of opportunism. When NC is out of power, its leaders behave as the sympathisers of Pakistan and Pak supported terrorists but while in chair, they miss no chance to favour tough action against Pakistan for providing launching pads to train terrorists and push them into Indian territory of Kashmir. The people of the state have seen for decades the real character of NC leadership and can not be misled any more, he said.

Dr. Narinder said that the Jammu based leaders of NC should either seek apology for the statements of Farooq Abdullah or come out of the party to prove their concern for the honour of Dogra rulers and the nationalist forces in the state.