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Jammu region should get its due: Prof. Virender

BJP State Spokesperson, Prof. Virender has strongly criticized the discrimination being met to the people of Jammu region in the matter of selections made by State Public Service Commission (PSC) against various posts in the Health & Medical Education Department and in the Higher Education Department and asked the MLAs/Ministers from Jammu region to take appropriate action to address the genuine grievance of the region in the matter of selections being conducted by State PSC. He said that out of total 123 selections in the year 2015 were made in the State Medical Department, whereas only 23 belong to Jammu region that constitutes merely 19% of the total posts of Consultants in Radiology, Medicine, Ophthalmology, ENT, Psychiatry, Anesthesiology, Orthopedics, Gynecology, Pathology and Pediatrics. He further added that in the same year 15 selections were made in the State Medical College (9 in Jammu Medical College and 5 in Srinagar) against the posts of lecturer out of which only 2 selected lecturers were from Jammu region which makes 13% of the total posts.

Prof. Virender Gupta while drawing the attention of the state government towards the selections made in the Higher Education Department as Assistant Professors in the year 2016, said people of Jammu region are facing a worst kind of injustice and added that 9 candidates from Jammu region were selected against the 34 selections made (which is 26%); 7 candidates were selected against total of 26 in Physics discipline, which is 27%; 12 in Mathematics against total 25 selected, which is 48%.

Prof. Virender Gupta asked that steps need to be taken to address the deprivation of the people of Jammu region in matter of selections through PSC and suggested that candidates from a province be selected against the posts vacant in the province, i.e. candidates from Jammu Province be selected against the posts lying vacant in Jammu Province and candidates from Kashmir Province be selected against the vacant posts existing in Kashmir province.

He also pleaded for implementation of the R.P. Singhal Committee report of 1999 with regard to admission in the State Professional Colleges and said that as the report the students from the Jammu province and Kashmir province be given admissions in the professional colleges existing in their respective provinces. This has become essential while looking at the sense of deprivation and neglect that is existing among the students and youth of Jammu region.  

Prof. Virender Gupta, while welcoming the external policy, internal and economic policies / progammes   initiated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and liberal grant sanctioned in favour of J&K State government called upon him to look into the grievances of the people of Jammu region and the discrimination being faced by them and take appropriate action to redress them.