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Jammuites must stand up to face challenges: Prof. Virender

State BJP Spokesperson calls upon the Jammuites to wake up as there looks to be deep conspiracy to diminish their identity. He said that so far no effort has been made to deport the Bangladeshi and Rohingiyas from the soil of Jammu region. He added that the Kashmiri leaders in the Government, in a well planned strategy are adjusting the employees of majority community belonging to Kashmir Valley against the important positions in Jammu region. He added that the State Public Service Commission is part of this conspiracy when the selections are being made discriminatory while denying the candidates of Jammu region their due.

In the selections made by PSC against the posts of Assistant Professor in Government Medical Collage, Higher Education, in Higher Secondary School, Medical Department, the share of candidates belonging to Jammu region was merely about 10-20 percent.

He said that in the selections made against the posts of Assistant Professor in Medical College, Education Colleges of Jammu region, the candidates of Kashmir Valley were recruited against more than 85 percent of posts.

Prof. Virender said that the recently conducted interviews for the four posts of Lecturer in General Surgery, existing in Jammu Medical College, all the four lecturers selected belong to Majority Community out of which three belonged to the Valley. He further said that out of 20 posts of B grade specialists, only three selected Anaesthesiologists are from Jammu region.

The spokesperson cautioned the people that there is a deliberate attempt to change the demography of Jammu region and added that attempt is also being made to recruit Kashmiri Muslims against the posts of Jammu region and change the demography in Medical Profession, in Education, in Police and in other departments of the Government.

He criticised that the decision of government, converting 45 posts of college teachers into the teachers in Kashmiri language and that each college of Jammu province would start teaching of Kashmiri language. He said that the fact of the matter is that Government Degree College, Kishtwar has provision of teaching Kashmiri language where as there is only one student learning the language when Kashmiri is spoken in some parts of Kishtwar. He expressed his concern that Dogri language is not being given its due as it deserves.

Prof. Virender appeals to the people of Jammu region irrespective of their faith, caste, creed and political affiliations to seek the writing on the wall and visualize the consequences they have to face, if they do not rise to the occasion.