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Slanderous allegations are self destructive: Bijral

Day in day out, National Panthers Party is accusing coalition BJP/PDP govt. per choice diatribes to appear as if they are the sole saviours of people interest. A look back for party leadership rejected twice consecutively at hustings, is prudent enough to know, ‘slanderous allegations are self destructive’.

State BJP spokesperson S. S. Bijral, former IGP, observing that NPP is hell bent to denounce the coalition BJP/PDP partners to earn brownie points for party in to stage come back in state legislature, he said this is its sheer ploy to distract govt. from delivering goods to people who in larger national interest created history by letting BJP & PDP, the so called North and South Poles, wear mantle of public service. He said their hogging the light shall prove self destructive as elections of 2008 and after confirmed.

Bijral appreciating the role of opposition in democracy of keeping govt on toes for quality service to people said when opposition selfishly becomes slanderous to distort public image of well meaning govt, it bleeds and weakens noble institution of democracy, for no good. Urging the party leadership to pander why after being in govt with PDP in 2002 – 2008, it continued to suffer rejection at polling booths for two consecutive terms?

Refering to the allegations of loot and plunder of funds meant for development works in Ram Nagar highlighted in media, Bijral said the party leadership would be doing yeoman service to people of Ram Nagar, if they making use of J&K State Right To Information Act collect specific information from the concerned department, haul the govt functionaries besides going to press. Otherwise, the mal intention behind wicked campaign launched by NPP against BJP/PDP government engaged overhead in fighting Pak sponsored militancy alongside ensuring peaceful Yatra besides timely utilisation of Central and State Development Schemes would be seen by the awakened voters as anti-people with obvious consequences.