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‘J&K cannot tolerate corrupt, dishonest, non-performing and unfriendly bureaucrats and government officers anymore’: Dr Darakhshan Andrabi

“Satark Nagrik & DVO are potent deterrents for the corrupt practices in our government working systems”

BJP Senior Leader and Party Spokesperson, Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today held a Public Darbar of the cross section of people from Budgam district and discussed the issues concerning the people in the district. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi explained new land laws, forest laws and farm laws to the people. She also briefed the delegations about the futuristic development plan of the government regarding J&K in the light of the New Industrial and Economic plan and package announced for J&K. Dr Andrabi hailed J&K government’s initiatives for ensuring transparency and accountability in working systems in different government departments. “New initiatives including ‘Satark Nagrik’ Mobile app & Departmental Vigilance Officers (DVO) Portal of J&K Anti Corruption Bureau are the potent steps taken by the LG administration for transparency in working systems. Now people of J&K have to come forward and provide information about any corrupt practices or any kind of bungling or misappropriation of funds. Public reporting can put an end to the bureaucratic and official exploitation of the public in J&K,” said Dr Darakhshan. She said that people have to come forward to uproot corruption, favoritism and misappropriation of public money in government departments and offices so that the benefits of the government welfare initiatives reach to the public hundred percent. “We still have many corrupt and unfriendly bureaucrats and officers in various departments who are not fair to the people. They are still in the old habits and they need to be shown their right place. In healthy democratic systems, no red-tapism or anarchist approach can be tolerated and we all have to contribute in correcting the errors,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. She said that the working of all bureaucrats, government officers and officials has been kept under multi-faced vigil and we need to put them under public scanner also. She assured the people that within a year, we all will see the transformation in the government working systems in J&K as the corrupt and unfriendly bureaucrats and officers will be removed from public places of posting.