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JNU issue exposes anti national sympathizers: Vibodh

Term Shahdara Sharief a symbol of communal harmony, inaugurates foot bridge

Terming Shahdara Sharief as symbol of communal harmony,Senior BJP leader and Member Legislative Council Advocate Vibodh Gupta has said that Muslims of Rajouri Poonch should maintain the legacy of inclination towards nation and openly oppose JNU anti national incident.
After inaugurating lanes and culvert at Shahdara Sharief which has been constructed with approximately Rs 10 lakhs, Advocate Vibodh Gupta said that Shahdara Sharief is a place where great sufi saint Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah laid to rest and it known as symbol of communal brotherhood where people from all faiths showed reverence for the last many centuries.
Appealing people to reject the forces who want to create wedge, Gupta said that people of Rajouri Poonch area have also shown courage during the militancy and always stood by the nation and rejected anti national elements and this legacy must be continued. He said that the area is known for patriotism and the people have given sacrifice for the nation in past. ‘’I want that the legacy must continue and we must be tagged as nation lovers in future also’’, he said adding that when the nation is undergoing a dirty politics supporting anti nationals, people of Poonch and Rajouri should openly reject JNU incident by anti national elements so that to fail the nefarious designs of the mentor of such protests and events in educational institution of India.
Accusing Congress for double standard approach, he said that JNU event has exposed sympathizers of anti national elements. He said that earlier Congress, Arvind Kejriwal and Communist used to support such activities behind the curtain but JNU event has exposed all of them. ‘’Open support to anti nationals by these parties has proved that these parties have nexus with anti nationals and is why they might support these elements’’, Vibodh said adding that double standard approach of these parties have been rejected by the people of India as youth have get united and opposed anti national activities in the JNU and Jadavpur campus.
Lambasting some NGOs, he said that some NGOs were getting international funds on the name of development in India but this fund is surely used on to support such anti national activities. He said that the activities of these NGOs must be investigated and they should be taken to task.
Appreciating central government for implementation of central schemes in Rajouri Poonch, Advocate Vibodh Gupta said that earlier these schemes were shown only on papers but this time practical work is initiated and people are being benefited with these schemes. He added that when king is honest, people also become honest. He said that Prime Minister is honest leader and with his vision he has got central schemes implemented in whole India which is creating big question mark on the previous governments. He added that he has personally seen many big projects initiated in Rajouri under MGNREGA and is big success for this government.
Earlier he inaugurated lanes and culvert at Shahdara Sharief which will benefit hundreds of people of this area. On the occasion Sarpanch and Nambardar of the village thanked MLC for gifting them this which will ease their problems in the area. They also appreciated MLC for his concern towards areas inhabited by Muslim community which clearly showed his positive approach towards development.
Meanwhile Block President of BJP Zahid Ahmed has also appreciated role of MLC in raising the issues of the area and mitigating the problems being faced by the people of this area