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Kaul cautions party activists about vested interests

The first meeting of the newly constituted BJP Displaced District Grievances Cell was held here under the chairmanship of its president Chand Ji Bhat in which senior vice president of the State BJP, Moti Kaul was the chief guest. In his address Mr Kaul cautioned the Party activists from the vested elements and their nefarious designs. He also cautioned them of the nefarious designs of Pakistan which is hell bent in creating anarchy and chaos in the State. He said Pak agents did not even spare our handful community members living in various camps in Kashmir. Kaul while appealing for restraint said the Party activists have an added responsibility at this juncture and they have to be vigilant and prepared for challenging times ahead. He said BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi is the only political party with vision and clarity to respond to imminent concerns of the community and J&K at large. Chand Ji Bhat while making it clear that booths and mandals are main pillars of the party exhorted upon mandal and booth presidents to work with dedication and devotion to understand the importance of political empowerment. He said for achieving political empowerment it is imperative for all of us to enroll ourselves as voters in the respective constituencies. He condemned the death and destruction in Valley and attack on migrant camps. Vice presidents J L Pandit, R K Kaul, and T N Bhat also addressed the meeting. P L Dhar conducted the stage. B B Gosani, Ashok Kumar Koul, Ravinder Razdan, Shoki Lidhoo, Veena Gurtoo, A K Sher and others were also present.