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Keeping pace with modernity important, but don’t ignore your culture: Balbir

The present era is of modern technology and modern gadgetry, which are very important tools to keep pace with fast changing world, life styles and living standards all across the globe. Youth in particular are driven towards modern technology, which keeps them updated in every field, said Balbir Ram Rattan, Vice-Chairperson of J&K SC, ST, BC Development Corporation Limited.

Addressing a large number of youth in a programme in Ward No. 16, Jawahar Nagar area of Jammu West Assembly Constituency and organised by BJYM State Vice President Ajay Vaid in the premises of Grievance Office of BJP, he said, that our own country is not lagging behind in any aspect as almost in every sphere of life and work places, it is the modern technology that rules the roost. In fact, we cannot imagine life, without these modern aspects of life.

While Science and Technology have changed our lives tremendously, we are gradually losing our interest in the traditional and conventional aspects of life, which until recent years, kept us moving, Balbir said.

Youth in particular, are losing touch with their culture and traditions in their respective places. Modern gadgets have lessened and drastically reduced interpersonal communication, which is the strongest medium to build bonds, Balbir said adding that lack of time in the race of modernity has also affected family bonds badly in our country, though some people are managing to keep a balance. He further said that the youth must keep this in their mind that no matter progress and development are important in lives, but it is our culture and traditions which are equally important in order to keep our roots intact and this culture only enables us to have our identity, he added.

Ajay Vaid, on this occasion, said that the party has set up its grievance office at ward level so that the local population has an easy access to the party and put forth their grievances. He said that whatever is being brought into the notice of Grievance Office, is being taken up at appropriate level for immediate redressal.

Vijay Sharma, Lucky Sharma, Shekhar Gupta, Akhil Gupta, Omkar Singh, Master Harbans Lal, Bharat Langer, Mangat Ram, Arpan Baigra, Vijay Kumar, Lonely Sharma, Anmol Vaid, Rajesh Sharma, Rohit Bhardwaj, Jeet Samral and others were present on the occasion.