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Killing of noted Sufi singer Amzad Sabri by terrorists in Pakistan is highly condemnable

Killing of noted Sufi singer Amzad Sabri by terrorists in Pakistan is highly condemnable and exposes the failure of Pakistan to protect the society based on democratic norms. This killing is more serious and has direct impact on the state of J&K and exposes the Pak friendly elements in Kashmir valley, as the singer was killed because he was predominantly singing Sufi songs, which was taken by hardliners in Pakistan to be anti Islam and as such the killing of sufi singer was sought to be justified .
Kashmir is land of Sufi culture where people show utter respect and regards to sufi saints . There are number of Dargahs of sufi saints which are visited by thousands of Kashmiris every year with faith and devotion . Intolerance to Sufi culture by hardliners in Pakistan should be eye opener for the Hurriyat leadership and likes who always try to look to Pakistan and they should realise the inherent malice in their approach as it intends to expose peace loving Kashmiris to the same fate as met by Amzad Sabri . This was stated by J&K Bharatiya Janata Party Chief Spokesperson Sunil Sethi.
Sunil Sethi further said that Kashmir is an integral part of India and will remain so for all times to come . The future of Kashmiris is secure and safe with Tolerant India and propagators of separatism at the behest and support of Pakistan are trying to play with the lives of innocent Kashmiri population by misleading them .
He further said that a common citizen in the militancy affected areas of state has realised the game plans of separatists and militants and the fact that they can only bring destruction and devastation to the state and there is no public support to militancy or separatism in the state, which is being sustained to little extent by enemies of India sitting across the border. In near future, the state will revert back to the same position, which existed before militancy, where all communities and cultures were living peacefully. The time is coming for return of complete normalcy in the state, which will lead to unprecedented growth and development in the state, where economy is majorly based on tourism. State is getting all infrastructural and economical support from Narendra Modi government and more will be given to state for the betterment of its people.