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Vibodh Demands ST Status for Paharis Based on Recommendation of the Government Committee

In the ongoing assembly session BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta today made various interventions related to injustice to the Pahari community in the Upper House. He said that from a long time injustice is being done to this community besides assurances for various Governments in the state. Vibodh asked for information on the status of report of the committee constituted by Government to ascertain facts about the socio-economic status of the Pahari community in the state. To this MLC was informed that the Government of Jammu & Kashmir has constituted a committee headed by Dr. Peerzada Mohd Amin, vide Govt. Order No. 66-SW of 2013 dated 09-03-2013 to conduct the detailed study of the Socio-economic status and common ethnic characteristics of the Pahari Speaking people in Jammu and Kashmir. The said committee has submitted its report and has recommended ST status for the Pahari speaking people of Jammu & Kashmir based on their socio-economic status. On this Vibodh very strongly recommended that there is urgent need that as per the agenda of the alliance the state Government must immediately recommend ST Status in favour of Pahari Speaking people of J&K to the central Government.
Vidodh further made enquiries related to already sanctioned Pahari Research and Culture Centre to be setup at the University of Jammu. On this Vibodh was informed that so far this center has not been started but the posts for this center have already been advertised. This received very sharp reactions from the other members of the house including Zafar Manhas, Javaid Mirchal and Shanaz Ghnai. These members raised in one voice the long pending demand for the grant of ST Status to the Pahari Speaking people of Jammu & Kashmir. This calls for immediate action from the Government as the committee constituted for the same has already submitted its report. During the discussion many other issues related to promotion of Pahari culture and welfare of Pahari People in Jammu & Kashmir. Vibodh also demanded a Pahari House at Jammu in line with Ladakh and Kargil House.