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Kohli slams Fatwa being against the Islamic Sharia

Er. Abdul Ghani Kohli, Minister for Animal/Sheep Husbandry & Fisheries. BJP MLA from Kalakote and President Seerat–Un-Nabi Conference Jammu & Kashmir has slammed the Fatwa against the Prime Minister of India issued by Noorur Rahman Barkati, Imam of Tipu Sultan Masjid, Kolkatta. “After reading the Fatwa of Molana Barkati, I along with my all Muftis and Molanas am upset as this is not as per Islamic Sharia,” lamented Kohli while expressing his anguish.

Kohli further revealed that India’s one of prime Madarsas, Madarsa Darul Uloom Ali Hasan Ahle Sunnat of Mumbai has also condemned Noorur Rahman Barkati for his so called fatwa in which he had announced that whosoever will shave the head and beard as well as blacken the face of Prime Minister of India will be rewarded with Rs. 25 lakh. The Chief Mufti of the Madarsa, Mufti  Manzar Hasan Khan Ashraf Misbahi has also issued  a Fatwa against the Imam of Tipu Sultan Masjid Kolkatta, Molana Noorur Rahman Barkati castigating the later for “making such a statement which cannot be termed Fatwa at all since it is a danger to the peace of the society and the nation. It is a personal and moreover a political statement and the sharia does not stand by any such statements. Its totally against the basics of sharia law. Allah says in Quran: Of course Allah dislikes the rioters (Surah Alqasas Verse 77).” As per the sharia such a person cannot be an Imam with such a bad conduct reads the Fatwa further.

Kohli further condemned Barkati for performing the funeral prayer in absentia of the most dreaded global terrorist Osama Bin Laden. He termed the Fatwa issued by Barkati as a sinister announcement which is against the tenets of the sharia. He said that the Imam has behaved in a manner unbecoming of his position and acted under the influence of his political masters.