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Mehbooba’s victory endorsement of coalition policies: BJP

The splendid victory of Chief Minister & PDP President Mehbooba Mufti in Ananatnag bi-election is the reflection of the people’s total rejection of divisive politics of National Conference and Congress as well as endorsement of the decision of the PDP and BJP to enter into alliance to form the government, taken for the development of the state and welfare of the masses. The state unit of BJP terms this victory as also the public’s stamp of approval and appreciation of the one year old rule of the coalition, which has been providing people-friendly and corruption free governance in the state. This was stated by BJP State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan while declaring the day of the victory as a milestone in the history of state’s coalition.
“The most important aspect of the victory of Mehbooba Mufti is that the people have seen through the falsehood and guile of those parties, who had unleashed a barrage of propaganda that vote for PDP would be vote for RSS”, Balbir said and added that in this era of fast means of communication, people have access to various sources of information and are hence fully aware about the ideology and policies of BJP as well as RSS. Balbir further said that the sheer margin of victory of Mehbooba Mufti gives the idea of total disillusionment and rejection of Congress and NC and for all that they stand for. The voters did not fall prey to the falsehood of NC and Congress in this election. This victory is people’s affirmation that development, peace and progress matters and whatever this coalition did in one year was visible on ground and not remained confined to files, as had been the practice during the past regimes.
Balbir also expressed appreciation to Kashmir migrant voters for having overwhelmingly voted for Mehbooba Mufti in this election. The Kashmiri migrants have realized that the policies and steps taken by coalition government for them are sincere and genuinely in their welfare.
Balbir said that the ties between BJP and PDP have got stamp of approval from the voters of Anantnag and this will strengthen and boost the morale of the coalition government, which will infuse more vigor in the people friendly governance.