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MUDRA “LABHARTHI” SAMMELAN in JAMMU (Mudra Beneficiaries Congregation)

Mudra Loans worth Rs 12.5 crore distributed to 478 beneficiaries from districts Kathua, Udhampur and Jammu. This brings the total amount of Mudra loans distributed so far to 202 crore received by 4598 beneficiaries. Many of the beneficiaries came on the stage to narrate their experience and thanked PM Sh Narendra Modi. One of them, for example, was earning his livelihood by carrying gas cylinder on his back but through Mudra he got carriage transport vehicle of his own.

Union MoS Dr Jitendra Singh appealed for taking inspiration from PM Shri Narendra Modi and follow the example of “Give It Up” campaign as a result of which those who could afford Gas cylinders, surrendered their subsidy, as a result of which 5 crore families got free cylinders. He said, Modi Government’s economic reforms are also social reforms and they will cultivate in us the habit of keeping only as much money as required and sparing the surplus for others who are needy.