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Militant is a militant, whether local or other : BJP

Stressing upon the core ideology of deep inbuilt nationalism, BJP J&K State unit very strongly pitched for understanding of a militant, who is responsible for the killings of innocent civilians as well as army and security personnel besides being involved in picking  gun against nation, cannot be forgiven as stated by Arun Kumar Gupta, State Spokesperson, BJP J&K in a press statement today.

Drawing line to differentiate a local militant and one from foreign land, does not matter as both are doing same activity and any country worth its salt cannot accept it as a forgiving mistake. Raising of gun against nation is something, no country can accept and people involved have to be dealt as law of land demands. 

“BJP is of the firm belief that all nationalist forces need to be respected and those involved in anti-national activities be taught an exemplary lesson for others to follow, added Arun Kumar Gupta.

Our police and special forces cannot be made to remain quiet and accept these situations but they be given full authority to deal with these elements as situation warrants. It is this lackluster and appeasing policy and attitude of previous Governments in the country, which have brought things to this level that anybody, if so desires, can talk or work against the nation without any question or action.

“BJP cannot and will not accept these under any circumstances and would only work for the development of state and nation and any force coming in the way to harm nation would be dealt as strongly as needed”, added Arun Kumar Gupta.

BJP further wondered as to how a nation can progress when indisciplined citizen is given so much of importance over the law abiding and nationalist one, and appeasement policy, whether for stone pelter, separatist or militants, is always ready to be given on platter. Arun Kumar Gupta further said that enough is enough and no their would not be any more tolerating of such  activity which is against the interests of the nation.