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Misdeeds of Pakistan will be dealt with iron hands: Sh. Avinash Rai Khanna

BJP leaders led by its National Vice-President, National Vice-Chairman Red Cross Society, former MP (Rajya Sabha) & J&K Prabhari Avinash Rai Khanna along with State President Sat Sharma, State General Secretary Dr. Narinder Singh, Member of Parliament Jugal Kishore Sharma, MLC Ch. Vikram Randhawa, Ex MLA Ashwani Sharma and State Additional Treasurer Arvind Gupta visited the border area of Arnia sector which has been the victim of indiscriminate firing from the hostile neighbour bringing upon nights of havoc for the residents.

BJP leaders visited the house of the deceased Ratno Devi, who was the victim of the firing, to pay their heartfelt condolences. They met the other members of the family, who were also injured in the firing and asked them for any type of need like treatment facility or financial help. They said that although nobody could fill the void caused by the loss of a precious life, but still the wounds can be tried to heal at a rapid pace, if one is able to redress the causative issue. The visiting leaders led by Avinash Rai assured them for that BJP stands by their side at any point of hour.

While meeting the firing victims and speaking on the occasion, Avinash Rai Khanna termed the inhumane act of Pakistan Army as the most barbaric of the present times. He said that even in the past times, it was never witnessed that the civilian population was made the sufferers of the military aggressions my some monarch, but the misdeeds of Pakistan are just never ending and never learning from the past wars. He also led the talks with the residents to have the first hand knowledge of the grave situation. He assured them that BJP will look for the provision of all basic amenities to the victims. He also said that Indian Army is well prepared to retaliate in a fierce manner for the mischievous misdeeds of Pakistan and this will be dealt with iron hands by the Central Government.

Sat Sharma, while speaking on the occasion, said that it is really heartbreaking to see the plights of the public residing in the continuous war like zone. He said that the border residents are not alone in bearing the burnt of situation, as their feelings are actually felt by every single citizen of the Nation. He said that BJP will pursue their issues immediately for the redressal with full vigour, as it stands committed to its Nationalist population.

Jugal Kishore Sharma, while interacting with the residents, said that instead of earlier compensation of 1lakh Rupees, now 5 lakh Rupees will be provided to the family. He said that process for the provision of government job to a family member of the deceased will also be initiated. He assured that the administration from the both Centre and the State will leave no stone unturned to service and support the victims.

Brijeshwar Singh Rana, Naresh Sharma, Vijay Saini, Rajkumar, Narain Dutt Sharma, Ramesh Saini and other leaders were also present.