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Mla Akhnoor Rajeev sharma was the chief guest in a function “seed village training camp under NFSM

Today honble Mla Akhnoor sh Rajeev sharma was the chief guest in a function “seed village training camp under NFSM(wheat 16-17) conducted by Agriculture depot j&k at rah salyote pyt. ;the far flung area of Akhnoor constituency.
Farmers from different panchyats of chowki Choura belt reached there to took the advantage of the program.

SDAEO sh som nath sharma, bharat bhushan NT chowki Choura, guldeep raj, matinder singh, neeraj sharma JAEO, Rajesh langer,matinder singh and other officials of Agriculture depot were present there .

Officials of Agriculture depot guide locals about the proper sowing of wheat crop.
Free seeds also distributed to locals by the kind hands of honble Mla Akhnoor .
Subsidized vegetables seeds kit etc would be distributed among the farmers in next meeting as assured by the honble.

Honble insist on the use of traditional use of fertilizers instead of chemicals. They asked the farmers to prepare their soil cards for better production of crops etc.

Fasal bima is also a boon for farmers by which insurance of crops of farmers done by very low marginal premium.

They also asked farmers to adopt honey bee breeding, flower production, citrus fruit,lemon grass ,vegetables and fruit production with traditional crops of kandi belt.

Other those present there were pawan kumar sudan, bawa Parshotam, cap sobha ram,cap bd sharma, shashi ji, ragubir singh ji, doulat ram,madan lal, cap hans raj, sub sham lal,ex sarpanch dev raj, lamberdar sita ram , pritam lal, jai ram,balkrishan,mohd yousaf ,nisar ahmed, and others.