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Challenge of intrusion of foreigners.000000 in J&K:   Prof. Virender

J&K BJP Spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta, expressed his great concern on the report that about thirty thousand foreigners, including those from Bangladesh, Myanmar and even from Pakistan, have creep into J&K and some of them have become ration card holders of the state. He said that coming of people from Bangladesh and Myanmar to Jammu and Kashmir illegally, after covering such a long distance, raises doubts about their intentions. He also expressed his anxious on the report that good number of persons had also sneaked into J&K territory from Pakistan and a good number of families entered the state via Nepal without the knowledge of state machinery. He showed his resentment that the concerned state authorities are not that vigilant and do not keep effective track of the foreigners entering the state.

Prof. Virender said that the matter should be explored to the effect that whether such influx of the foreigners in J&K state is a part of some strategy on the part of national enemies, external or internal and he added that as Jammu and Kashmir being a sensitive state facing secessionist and terrorist activities for the last about twenty years, the authorities can not overlook this matter and has to maintain vigilance on this aspect. He demanded that the security should be tightened and special cell of the respective intelligence agency be constituted to identify the foreigners who have entered the J&K state without any legal documents. He also said that foreigners so identified be deported back to their respective countries after taking appropriate action against them.