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Momo is a killer, we cannot allow a killer to grow: Arora

In democracy we are not living in a theocratic state or state of dictatorship in fact we have adopted the concept of socio welfare state. State is duty bound to provide basic requirements of life and to give an atmosphere where our generation can grow in a healthy atmosphere. We are duty bound to provide education, health care and water to all. Ramesh Arora MLC said that it is prime duty of all to educate our self about the rights and duties.

Different research have proved Chinese salt Ajinomoto is not harmful but dangerous for health. It causes stomach ulcer, irritation, intestinal problems and cancer. In a similar manner calcium carbide is used for ripening of Fruits which is harmful.

Young generation is found of eating “Momos” and this momos contain rotten vegetables, undesired material and is prepared in an unhygienic atmosphere. It contains Chinese salt Ajinomoto. It causes addiction also.

MLC Ramesh Arora further said it is prepared not by seller but at Rajeev Nagar, Qasim Nagar, Gorkha Nagar, Narwal etc and not only in Jammu city it is supplied outside district of Jammu also. Some cases were traced where even operation of teenager was conducted due to frequent use of Momos.

It is duty of every youth and I appeal them go through the net and see the side effects of Ajinomoto salt and “Maida” which is given white colour with use of chemicals and is without fiber. It is also dangerous for consumption. Parents should also educate their families about dangerous effects.

Recently we have started a drive to educate the youth and common man about the dangers involved in use of “Momos” . I appreciate the constant efforts which are being made by Drug and Food Control department, Health Department and anti encroachment wing of Municipality.

Laws and enforcement agencies are some time not sufficient to execute and we require will of public. We cannot put our generation to dangers.

In colonies where foreigners Bangladeshi and Burmese are settled preparation of “Momos” is common business. The space used for preparation is unhygienic and material used is of substandard. It is being supplied to other parts of Jammu region also.

Our teenage generation is getting addiction like drugs .It spoils their health. We have to stop it.

MLC Ramesh Arora warn all manufactures to stop it immediately and even shop keepers who are selling food items on the name of “Momos” and other without authority and permission and bent to spoil young generation.

They will have to face legal measures and action if they don’t stop as “Momos” is a killer and we cannot allow a killer to grow in a civilized society.

I appeal all media persons also to cooperate in public interest and though their infrastructure to educates masses.