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Monsoon valley violence showers send hibernating leaders croaking

Kashmir violence over elimination of Burhan Wani HM commander proved a blessing in disguise for political leaders ignored and forgotten for their failings. Sent hibernating at the 2014 hustling, they got croaking under monsoon shower of violence in valley.
S.S. Bijral IGP (Rtd), BJP State Spokesperson, responding to speech in parliament of Congress leader Gh. Nabi Azad former J&K Chief Minister, said it was relieving knowing Azad voiced concern against valley violence. But he asked were they only to sympathies with youth for their bleeding wounds and not for the ‘bleeding hearts’ these leaders including those of National Conference left during decades of their misrule known for rigged elections, wide spread corruption, regionalism, power politics that has thrown the unemployed & frustrated youth into deeper gorge of poverty and drugs. Bijral said these leaders as true ‘politicians’ concerned themselves with next elections and never thought of next generations the’ statesmen’ are known to care for.
Leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha Gh Nabi Azad by saying that cause of the present unrest in valley was BJP joining the govt. with PDP exposed his party hurting malaise as their offer of unconditional support to form govt was rejected by PDP. Bijral said, “dard itna gehra aur takleef deih ki chhupaya na gya (painful wound too deep to be concealed).” He lamented that these leaders who betrayed people trust for decades can’t bear to be out of power.
Bijral wondered if CM Mehbooba not visiting those injured in violence was unforgivable, Tweeted by Omar Abdullah ex- CM, what was that when Omar Abdullah’s government enmass had forsaken Kashmiris during months long worst deluge due to floods and Air Force & Army assisted by local youth served as saviour. He reminded NC working president his govt. utter failure only crowned BJP & PDP with brilliant success. It was lack of concern for ballooning youth by state leaderships of times that they fell prey to exploitative propaganda of Pak backed militant groups, separatists and drugs.
Bijral asked brilliant, intelligent, and handsome youth of state to come forward, take lead dumping the stereotype leadership that earned this state status of ‘beggar state’ falling far behind other progressive states.