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Present Situation in Kashmir require sympathetic approach and activism of all administrative units: Arora

Present Situation in Kashmir require sympathetic approach and activism of all administrative units and further civil society be involved to bring normalcy. Pakistan has no locus to interfere in internal affairs of Jammu and Kashmir rather Pakistan should see the pity condition of public living in Galgit, Baltistan and in Sind provenance of Pakistan. Pakistan is hub of terrorism and killer of democracy. We have not forgotten attack of Pakistan forces under the leadership of Nawaz Sharief in Kargil. Nawaz Sharief should resolve the issues of militancy with in Pakistan as he failed miserably he made Pakistan as shelter house of militants. He should respect the law and should work for peace instead of provoking the separatist on this side of Indian Territory.
We are a nation with democratic setup and we are aware, how to deal with our internal issues. We have dealt number of serious modes and we want to express our concern about the presence of Chinese forces in Gilgit and Baltistan of POK. Pak Government is mishandling the situation rather have failed to handle the same and wants to divert the intention and anger of general public but it is immature and incompetent attempt by Pakistan. It is in a way interference to our sovereignty
BJP Senior leader & MLC Ramesh Arora (Adv.) has further appealed masses to adopt patience and allow peace to survive because majority of public wanted to live in peace and harmony. He further appealed the civil society and asked local administration to work day and night in bringing normalcy.
Arora further said that we cannot allow anybody to disturb peace and no one is above law. Let the people enjoy their normal life and administration should provide the best it can. Arora welcomed the decision of Chief Minister in involving all parties for evolving permanent peace solution. Kashmir people have glorious part and will work for the betterment of Society. We cannot make progress in disturbed conditions. Let us give peace and consider its importance being a matter of paramount consideration.
Youth should work for betterment of society and can lead the people towards normalcy. We thank all political parties for standing united over sensitive issue of Kashmir Problem.