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Monthly organisational meeting of BJYM held at Party Headquarters

Monthly meeting of State BJYM held at State headquarters Trikuta Nagar Jammu, the meeting was organised in context of various organisational activities across the state taken by BJYM in near future. The meeting was chaired by BJYM State President Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra along with BJP State Secretary and Incharge BJYM Sanjay Baru. All the State Office Bearers, District Presidents and district incharges attended the meeting.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Magotra stressed upon the organisational way of working along with the issues of youth taken by the activists in their concerned areas, he said our central government have initiated a lot of schemes for the general masses especially for the youth belonging to rural areas and poor families. It is the responsibility of each post holder of BJYM to take all the schemes and initiatives of the government to the needy and poor people of the state. Mostly the people residing in the urban areas are aware of all the schemes but people belonging to rural belt needs the help of the youth activists to get aware about these schemes so that they can be benefitted. Dr. Magotra said that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi have a lot of exceptions from the youth of the country and it is the youth who have the capacity to play a major role in the foundation of new India (a dream seen by our Hon’ble PM).

On the occasion Sanjay Baru said that Youth is the main pillar of our party, who have always played an important role right from the day of its foundation. Youth of the state have played a major role in the formation of first ever government of BJP in the state and we also have a lot of responsibilities towards the Youth of the state. Our government is very keen onlooker on all the possibilities of formation of employment opportunities for the youth of the state.

Prominent who were present on the occasion were general secretaries Vikas Choudhary and Tarun Sharma, Vice-presidents Karan Sat Sharma, secretaries Sunny Sangotra, Ajay Manhas, Rahul Vaid and Adv Gurdev Thakur, Rohit Verma, Er. Lalit Raina, District Presidents Hari Om Sharma, Sham Mehra, Ashish Sharma, Rohit Verma, Akash Chopra, Akhil Prashar, Sukhdev Singh, Amit Dubey and many others.