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BJP State General Secretary Sh. Harinder Gupta dubs Congress as double faceted party

“A person can only preach, what he has nurtured over the years in his mind”, this was stated by the J&K BJP State General Secretary Harinder Gupta while taking a jibe at Raman Bhalla, senior Congress leader and former Minister in the NC-Congress Government in the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

Harinder Gupta in a reactionary phase to the comment passed by the former Minister said “Nationalism flows through the arteries of Bharatiya Janata Party, so the party will remain addicted to the flavour of the toast of Nationalism & it will continue to teach it”.

Gupta added that Congress as a National Party remained devoted to feed the demon of its power hunger but never really cared for the National interest. Accusing the Congress for slow pace of development despite the rich treasure of intellectuals in the Nation, Gupta accused Congress leaders of nurturing “Self interest, exploitation, corruption” in the country.

Harinder Gupta also grabbed the chance to hurl accusation of “Congress a Double Faceted Party” towards the senior Congress leader, when the latter along with other Jammu based political leaders from Congress remained mum during “Pakistan Zindabad” slogans by their close political ally, Akbar Lone in the J&K assembly. Gupta asked why on Earth, did anybody from Congress had the guts not to openly criticize him for the statement, when sitting MLA tried to play with the sentiments of Muslim Community saying that as a Muslim, he couldn’t tolerate anti-Pakistan sloganeering by BJP MLAs. Gupta also said that role of former Minister in the habilitation of outsiders in the Jammu regions is often the hot topic of discussion among the Jammuites.

Gupta also asked the former Minister to answer for the role of Congress in all the major riots in the Nation right from the moment of Indian Independence. He said that the misappropriations of various resources of the country made during previous Congress regime are surfacing one by one during the present NDA dispensation led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi due to the zero tolerance and crackdown on the corruption.

Gupta also said that the residents of the border state of Jammu & Kashmir have witnessed unprecedented development which was nowhere in sight for nearly seven decades of Indian independence. Gupta further said that not even a single scam has surfaced, which has taken place in the BJP government, while the level of corruption has decreased many folds in all the departments.