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National interests are paramount for NDA: Madhav

BJP National General Secretary Ram Madhav, along with State President & MLA Sat Sharma and State General Secretary (organization) Ashok Koul, chaired a meeting of BJP State office bearers, senior leaders and Morcha Presidents at Trikuta Nagar Office and reviewed the ongoing political and organizational activities in the state besides the working of different departments. Ram Madhav was also briefed about the mobilization of party activitsts at different levels to highlight the  achievements of the BJP –led NDA government at the centre and the BJP coalition in Jammu and Kashmir.

Addressing the meeting, Ram Madhav said that the BJP government under PM Narendra Modi, during the last two and half years, has taken a number of bold decisions which have long bearing consequences and aimed to make India one of the leading countries of the world. Not merely reformative but it has taken transformative decisions to put India on the track of rapid development while meeting the aspirations of common masses, down trodden and under privileged classes. The goal of the present NDA government is not to enjoy power but to ensure country’s dignified place at the international level. Its decisions with regard to empowering the common masses, providing the essential facilities to the people and in the matter of defence, foreign affairs, communication sector and in the economic fields are commendable.

Ram Madhav said that demonetization in India is one of the bold and transformative decision which will serve multiple purposes like breaking the back of black money, diminish fake currency, hawala transactions, give severe blow to drug mafia and the funding to terrorists and anti-national elements. It is true that people in general have to face little inconvenience at few places but for the good of the country, the countrymen should be prepared to face some hardships. He said that it was a major and courageous step that no previous government ever dared to take. He stressed upon the party leaders attending the meeting to devote more time to the party and reach out the masses to educate them about the benefits of demonetization and dozens of centrally sponsored schemes and expose the opposition parties for their misinformation campaign unleashed to tarnish the image of the Modi government.