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Nationalism is Key to reach heights in Development & Progress: Prof. Virender

J&K BJP spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta said that the Prime-Minister, Narender Modi, the National President, Amit Shah and other leaders of BJP gave a clear message to the tendencies which are undermining the national pride and national interests, thereby encouraging the divisive and anti national forces in the country, while addressing the recent held working committee meeting at Delhi, by reaffirming its commitment to Nationalism. He added that the issue of nationalism, which is the core agenda of BJP right from the inception of Jan Sangh and BJP, took the centre stage in all the deliberations in the meeting. Prof. Virender opined that the thrust on the nationalism put the other parties which were engaged in supporting Kanihya culture of JNU in the name of freedom of speech, on the mat, made them defensive and they are now trying to retreat from their acts of encouraging anti-national forces.

The spokesperson said that nationalism is essential for the country to move forward on the path of progress and prosperity; no country can progress; defend its territories and its people without the spirit of nationalism among its countrymen. He said that “a soldier that fights with the enemy on the border or inside the country and sacrifices his life is inspired by his love for the country and his duty towards the nation” and added that our national heroes sacrificed their lives to make the country free from the clutches of foreigners, out of their love for the country and keeping nation first in their motto of life.
Prof Virender commented that nationhood inspires the generation to serve the country with dedication and honesty while performing its duties assigned to it and added that undermining the national feelings and national pride become costly for the existence of any country. He further elaborated that we are living in a free India, enjoying our rights as granted in the constitution because of the supreme sacrifices made by the countrymen, the defence forces and other allied forces and selflessly dedicated people to the cause of the nation and added that these people have extreme love for their country and kept nation as their first priority.
He was critical of the Congress Party and said that it looks that the party has forgotten its past glorious history and traditions when it led the people in freedom struggle against the British empire and its leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru and Indra Gandhi. He condemned Rahul Gandhi and Congress Party for supporting the anti-national activities in JNU campus on the pretext of freedom of speech, projecting Kanhiya on its posters in Assam Assembly elections and equating him with great freedom warrior and national hero, Sardar Bhagat Singh. Prof. Virender remarked that freedom of expression can by no means be interpreted as freedom of disruption, freedom of sedition and freedom of destruction. He said that it is a political bankruptcy of congress party that it has to take shelter in supporting JNU like episodes for its revival.