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NC exploiting the people on non issues: Prof. Virender

BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta strongly criticized the separatist leaders and also the National Conference for exploiting the people of Kashmir Valley on non-issues and trying to keep pot boiling for their vested interests. He said that granting of identification certificate, by no means can be equated to domicile certificate or to the state subject, he said. He charged them for raising communal passion of the people of Valley, instigating extreme communalism  and dividing the people of the state on communal lines and said that their this policy has resulted in the exodus of Kashmiri Pandita and other minority communities.

The Spokesperson questioned the leaders of National Conference about their policies of discrimination on the basis of religion, such as allowing Muslim Tibetan refugees and the Muslims from rest of the country to settle in J&K state while providing them permanent citizenship rights, whereas refusing the same rights to those who came in J&K state on the invitation of State Government for cleaning the cities and removing the garbages. He also questioned the Muslim leaders of Kashmir Valley for making hue and cry on the decision of setting up of Sainik Colony for the state subject holder army personnel and developing colonies for the Kashmiri Pandits and other minority communities, who suffered exodus from the Valley. He also asked them that why a state subject holder from Jammu and Ladakh regions face resistance in getting settled in the Valley, where as there is no such resistance or restrictions for their settlement in Jammu and Ladakh regions. “Are the Kashmiri leaders not tempering with the demography of these regions”, he asked.

The Spokesperson also questioned that why the State Government and the Kashmiri leaders do not feel concern for large scale migration  of Muslims from Bangladesh and Mayanmar, though they are not only changing the demography of the State, in particular of Jammu region, but also causing security concern to the state and the nation.  He cautioned them these this approach is not going to pay any dividents on the otherwise they word be loser in the final end. He added that whose of the world is united against the fundamentalism that gives birth to the terrorist activities. He also said that the intelligentia of the country and that of the world do not appreciate their designs and they are losing even sympathy of the so-called activists of human rights.