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SARFAESI Act being used to incite Valley people: Sethi

BJP State Chief Spokesperson Sunil Sethi, in a statement, said that issue of SARFAESI Act is blown out of proportion without any justification by some leaders in Kashmir Valley to incite people. Strangely they are joined by so called legal experts from Valley, who themselves have defended SARFAESI Act and powers of Parliament to enact and extend it to the state of Jammu and Kashmir, while appearing in High Court as counsels for parties. The politics of opportunism has already done much damage to Kashmir Valley as also whole state, both economically and politically and vested elements are again trying to mislead public for their petty gains from both sides. The people have to understand the game plan of exploiters and not to become victim to their gimmicks.

Sunil Sethi further said that the Judgment of Supreme Court has rightly held that all sovereign attributes are vested with India. He said Jammu and Kashmir is just one state of the Indian Union like so many other states, which has been declared by both Constitution of India as also of Jammu and Kashmir with only exception of vesting some more powers with state than other states because of special status it enjoys under same Constitution of India.

He said that the people of the state, particularly in Valley, has been misled by vested political and separatist elements since independence on false dreams of fringe sovereignty of State within Indian Constitution, which is not acceptable.  J&K state is part of a sovereign country that is India and in no circumstances a part can be equal to whole. The accession of State to India was complete and non negotiable.  Instrument of Accession signed by the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir was same as was signed by other rulers.

Sunil Sethi further said that statements made by Omar Abdullah about non-defending of case before Supreme Court is childish and factually untrue. It was during his government that State had taken similar stand in High Court by filing written reply. Omar is trying to play politics by making false statements. State can’t argue against what is obvious position of law and no court would have upheld legally part of judgment of Jammu and Kashmir High Court on observations of vestige of sovereignty with Jammu and Kashmir.