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NC is dishonest to the valley People: Prof. Virender

State BJP Spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta while rebutting the statement of Omar Abdullah that India has been dishonest with the people of Kashmir, said that it is not Government of India but the leaders of valley, in particular those of National Conference who not only betrayed the people of Kashmir but also has been dishonest to the Government of India. To please Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, the Grand Pa of Omar Abdullah, Pt. Nehru sacrificed the national interests and inspite of great opposition, got incorporated Article 370 in the Indian constitution and after that made an agreement with Sheikh which is called Delhi agreement, thus creating a state within a state. But Sheikh ditched Pt. Nehru and the people of J&K also when he started doing hobnobbing with western powers to make Kashmir as an independent country and Nehru had to get his arrested for the treason acts. In 1975 inspite that Congress had majority in the state assembly and Sheikh was not even member of the state legislature, it gave the chair of Chief Ministership to him under Indira-Sheikh Accord of 1975. From 1975 till 1990 and also from 1996 to 2015 it was mostly the NC that remained in power. It is for Omar Abdullah to explain the reasons that why the people lost the trust of the J&K government and also of Government in India and that they resorted to gun culture. Can Omar elaborate the steps taken by NC to bring the people of Kashmir in the national main stream?
Unfortunately, the National Conference tried to poison the mindset of Kashmiri people against the government of India and for its own follies painted the Centre government responsible in the eyes of the Kashmir masses. Earlier, during the reign of Bakshi Gulam Mohammad, G M Sadiq and Mir Quasim people of Kashmir were mostly in the national mainstream and considered India as their country except for a small fringe section. The situation started taking turn after 1983, it worsened after 1988 and became critical in 1990 and during this period it was NC which was in power though Congress party was also an alliance partner after 1987 elections. The claim of Omar Abdullah that protests are not against the state administration or state apparatus but these are purely anti-India in nature. But can Omar Abdullah answer that who is responsible for this anti-India nature of the protests? Are the leaders of political parties who were running the governments after 1975 not responsible for the drastic change in the situation and mindset of the Kashmiri masses? What were the factors responsible for the defeat of NC in 2002 and 2014? Do these factors not point the disenchantment of the people from the government led by NC.
Prof. Virender said that Omar pleads for political solution and talks of Greater Autonomy and blames Indian government of erosion of Article 370 and added that the amendments in the State Constitution and extension of some of the Articles/Clauses of Indian Constitution were made with the approval of state government; even during NC rule after 1975, about than 20 amendment were made in the State Constitution. He asked Omar what type of political solution can satisfy the separatist leaders like Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz and Yasin Malik to whom Omar calls as stake holder? Can Omar and P. Chidambaram give guarantee that so called anti-India feelings among Kashmiri masses shall die down if so called grand autonomy was provided to valley. Prof. Virender reminded Omar that people of Jammu region, Ladakh region and a good percentage of masses of valley do not subscribe to, rather oppose the Great Autonomy and said that he or any of the Kashmiri leaders does not have any authority to thrust their wishes or the solution that they propound on the majority of the state population, particularly on Jammu and Ladakh regions.