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NC leaders misleading people: Sanjay Baru


BJP State Secretary Sanjay Baru, while terming the utterances of NC leader that “crackdown on separatist leaders has exposed PDP”, as mere reflection of frustration and attempt to mislead the people of Kashmir, said that these leaders are struggling hard for their survival and looking towards separatists as a ray of hope to get breathe.
Sanjay Baru said that National Conference has been in power in Jammu & Kashmir for maximum period after independence and it always played the politics of provoking and misleading the people of the valley to remain in chair rather than working towards taking action against anti-national elements and separatists, who have been dividing the people on communal lines and acting on the dictates from across the borders.
Sanjay Baru said that the allegation of NC leaders on PDP are also indicator of their mindset, which have been soft towards separatists and never speak against them, who do not ever condemn the incidents of killings of innocent Kashmiri people and destruction caused in militancy related activities.
Sanjay Baru said it is most unfortunate that the NC leaders are opposing action on separatist leaders just to appease a section of people in Kashmir despite the fact that the credentials of separatist leaders are well known and any action against them may be the need of the prevailing situation.
“NC, as political party, claims to be the voice of the people of valley, has to make it clear if it want that separatist leaders should be allowed to indulge in anti-national activities and no action should be taken against them”, said Baru and added that the valley has suffered a lot due to repeated bandhs and protests during last so many years, which have become a tool for survival of separatists.