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NC misleading people on RSS march in Doda: BJP

Criticising the National Conference (NC) for its misleading statement that “government was promoting RSS in sensitive region of Chenab Valley by permitting lathi-weilding Swayamsevaks to march on the streets of Doda”, BJP said that the NC leaders, by such statements, are trying to communalize the situation in hilly region of erstwhile Doda district.

“RSS is a social organization and has been carrying its activities throughout the state and other parts of the country right from 1925 with a view to unite the people and instill in them the spirit of nationalism”, BJP State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan said this while reacting to the statement made by NC Provincial President, who has been the Advisor to former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, that the government was promoting RSS in Chenab Valley to disturb peace.

Balbir said that RSS is world’s largest social organization which has a highly appreciable track record of serving humanity and coming forward to extend help in situations of war, peace, natural calamities in a peaceful way. The march of which NC leader is trying to make an issue is a routine exercise of RSS and has never created any law and order problem or disturbed the communal hormony rather it has been working to get more closer to the people and strengthen the patriotism, which is indeed a very noble work but opposition parties like NC cannot digest it. Hence, spreading lies against RSS is NC’s most unfortunate charge and reflective of frustration among the NC leaders as their party has lost ground in the state and they are struggling hard for political survival and making such statements which are highly condemnable and BJP out rightly rejects such attempts.

Balbir further said that the people are well aware about the nationalist credentials of RSS and that there is no concept of Chenab Valley nor does it exists constitutionally or legally but the NC leader is misleading the people due to his party’s own political agenda. The BJP State Spokesperson advised the NC leaders to desists from making such statements which could result in disturbing the communal harmony and secular fabric in the state.