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Surgical strike a means not an end : Bijral

Surgical strike India carried out against terrorist training camps in Pak occupied Kasmir is too much in news for wrong reason. It was a means applied to devastate camps, and not an end itself.

Why is there hullabaloo over a striking accomplishment of valiant Indian army on Sept. 29 last, asked former IGP. Questioning its basis in Pak media denying Indian claim of deadly surgical strike struck, he said accustomed to lollipop handling by UPA regime,the baffled enemy is failing to comprehend what has happened. Asserting country had the fortune of being led by strong committed leadership, he said it was time it notched up favourably all smouldering issues with the hostile neighbour nurturing devious designs of religious propagation through boundary alterations.

Bijral BJP state spokesperson cautioned country about enemy trap to deflect our attention towards bogus issues, gain time for retaliation. He said the war hardened enemy, is time tested for no holds barred deception policy. Our end goal being regional peace and prosperity, we should be literally focussed on Machiavellian dictum: “Those who want peace, they should prepare for war”. Its first time, Bijral said the country led by PM Narinder Modi assiduously believes in Italian scholar mindset. Enemy designs are surely not to prevail.

Bijral said country is under no obligation to provide proof of action taken against enemy. It did what was required to be done. It would befittingly do to annihilate enemy when situation demands. When Arvind Kejrival salutes PM Narinder Modi for strikes undertaken, it speaks of his patriotism while his plea for affording evidence of strike to the enemy is his naivety.

Applauding Indian army known for its chivalry and devotion Bijral said earlier failings when ever and where ever were of the political leadership.He but felt ashamed of Congress leaders singing enemy song for proof of surgical strike inflicted by India on Sept 29, 2016 saying this party for power never hesitated in bartering away national interests.