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Official celebration of Martyrs’ Day is questionable: Prof. Virender

State BJP Spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta said that July 13, 1931 was most controversial event that spur the Muslim communal politics in Jammu and Kashmir while sidelining the ethos of Sufism in the Valley and thus cannot be celebrated as Martyrs Day. It hurts the sentiments of the majority of the people and divide the society on the communal lines. He added that this event cannot be termed as the beginning of struggle against autocracy and for democracy, equality and liberty in the state. The unfortunate event started from the protest of the mob that broke open the jail, got set free some Muslims against whom the charges of sedition were levelled, that they were involved in the unlawful activities, instigating a revolt against the Hindu Maharaja and for the establishment of Muslim rule. The prominent among them was a non-state subject Muslim, Abdul Qadir who was a cook with an English man. The mob while coming out on streets of the Valley attacked the shops and houses of Kashmiri Pandits and other Hindus, killing three Hindus and inflicting injuries on hundreds. The riots also broke out in other parts of the state, where Muslims were in majority. “Can it be called as beginning of Kshmiris resistance movement or a movement for the protection of human rights and of sacrifice for rich values” Prof. Virender said and added that the event was result of conspiracy of Britishers against Maharaja who in Round Table Conference of 1930 forcefully advocated in favour of independence of India and also boasted of communal harmony in his state. Britishers did not digest the statements of Maharaja, they instigated revolt against him and created communal disturbances in the State, he added.

The Spokesperson added that it was a day in the background of which the Muslim Conference founded by Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah started it journey of revolt against Hindu Maharaj and Hindu community in general, celebrating the day as Martyrs’ Day officially is questionable.