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Omar statement reflects his diabolical mindset: Prof. Virender

BJP State Spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta strongly condemned the statement of Omar Abdullah blaming Govt. of India and the statements made by various ministers against Pakistan after the surgical strikes by Indian army along the Line of Control for the Nagrota terror attacks. He said that both Abdullahs, father and son are in the habit of absolving Pakistan from its actions of importing and supporting terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and in the rest of the country and in making critical statements against the Govt. of India and the present Government of Jammu and Kashmir and added that the fact of matter is that Abdullahs and other National Conference leaders have become a frustrated lot after being thrown out of power and as such they are adopting all possible means to regain the power back even if they have to indulge in provoking and instigating the masses, supporting the terrorist activities and Pakistan adventure in heavy firing from across the borders and send trained militants / army personnel to bleed India and Indian security persons.

Prof. Virender  Gupta said that the duo has always been blaming India for the unrest in the subcontinent and for the confrontation between India and Pakistan. They do not acknowledge the facts that whenever India tried to extend it hands for friendship it always received sabotage whether it was Kargil or Uri. He asked Abdullahs “who had provoked Pakistan to inflict 26/11 attack in Mumbai in 2008, Kargil war and Uri attack”.

It is a matter to be probed that why Abdullah have never blamed Pakistan for its misadventures against India, he said and added that Omar has to clarify the general rumour that Omar has a British citizenship as being born in Britain and interests of Omar and Farooq are not in India but are elsewhere. He asked them what are the reasons for which they want illegally occupied area of J&K to be retained with Pakistan and openly defy the unanimous resolution of India’s Parliament in 1994.