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POJK Belongs to India and India Belongs to The People of POJK: Sh. Vibodh Gupta

Vibodh Terms Farooq a Player Who Always Plays With People’s Sentiments

As part of his mission to remain connected with the ground , MLC Vibodh Gupta conducted series of meetings at Thandikasi followed by Irwan Khetar and Panjgrian in Rajouri. While addressing the gatherings in these villages Vibodh Gupta said that our collation government is committed to peace, progress, and prosperity in all the three regions of the state. In last three years, Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed tremendous development in every sphere of life. He added, “NC-Congress could not tolerate the smooth working of BJP-PDP collation in the state and out of frustration there leaders are making unnecessary statements to provoke and misguide public especially the youth of Jammu and Kashmir”.

While referring to the recent statement of Dr. Farooq Abdullah wherein he said that POJK is the part of Pakistan. Vibodh said that this statement manifests Abdullah’s frustration of being out from the power and now he wants to grab power in whatever way he can. He termed Dr. Farooq a player who always plays with the sentiments of common man. Sheikh Abdullah was part of the Constituent Assembly which has kept the provision of 25 seats reserved for the representatives of POJK . With this vague statement, Dr. Farooq has not only hurt the sentiments of people of Jammu and Kashmir but also double-crossed his own father and party. However, it has been a trend in Abdullah family to take U-turns. Sheikh Abdullah and his colleagues also changed their stand on Jammu and Kashmir accession with India overnight. Farooq and Omar Abdulla is carrying on his legacy of taking u-turns forward. He added India’s position on this issue is very very clear like a writing on the stone wall. In 1994 Indian parliament passed a unanimous resolution, clearly mentioning that Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India’s territory. This statement is disgraceful and goes against the resolution unanimously passed by the Indian parliament. He added that Farooq saheb is one of the most senior leaders of J&K and such amateur and reckless statements don’t suit his personality and experience. The rate of human rights violation in POJK is very high and BJP is most concerned about it. In recent past, we have also witnessed protests in POJK against Pakistan. I humbly request Dr. Abdullah not to make this issue a political one and to stand in support of our brothers and sisters living on the other side. He very categorically made it clear that POJK belongs to India and India belongs to people of POJK. While speaking on the same lines BJP senior leader Rajinder Gupta added that such statements are provocative in nature and need to be checked. He also added that the twin border districts of Rajouri and Poonch also witnessed tremendous development in last three years. We are committed to fulfilling our promises made three years before. Speaking on the occasions Atam Gupta also condemned the statement of Dr. Farooq Abdullah and requested him not to play with the sentiments of the common man for the sake of power.