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Omar’s tweet reveals more than intended: Bijral

Learning of former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s tweet mocking at Centre over Balochistan, one can’t escape recalling Confucius’s words: “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance”. S.S.Bijral former IGP, State BJP spokesperson said his words unfortunately reveal more of ignorance than he probably thought of. He said there is need for him to know for he stays a contender.
Bijral said NC working president’s tweet, “ six persons dead in Kashmir in 24 hrs but WTH (what the hell) let’s go sort out Balochistan since we are doing such a good job in Jammu & Kashmir at the moment,” reveals his being unaware of the famous dictum “your enemy is your best teacher”. The spokesperson asserted Pakistan despite being poor and managing on foreign doles with own house burning in racism, terrorism and drugs, thrust four open wars on India and proxy war of decades in Punjab and J&k to internationalise J&K issue, to annex it and failed miserably, succeeding only at slowing down India’s progress and development. He said NC’s close ally Congress that mis-ruled country for six decades did not learn from enemy – Pakistan and strived always to buy peace with it even suffering humiliation at times. It was time he said, we exposed Pakistan internationally for its acts of oppression and suppression meted out to people of Balochistan, POK, Gilgit and Baltistan while being strong militarily ourselves to be able to get the enemy at peace table believing language of peace is of the strong and never of weak. Bijral required of twitter author to remember that Kashmiris have far sharper intelligence, (though he himself is one) and memory and expecting them to have forgotten what rule he provided during his 6 years Chief Minister’s, would be living in one’s own world.
The spokesperson called upon Omar Abdullah to as well strengthen PM’s call in support of suffering people of Balochistan, Gilgit and Baltistan since its no less a humanitarian issue.